Sunday, February 21, 2016

Detailed study of the work of pebble dashing to add value to the property

Once dry dashing is done on the exterior walls, one never needs to repaint the walls. One can talk to the experts to take guidance to select the blending of colours to match up with the dashing pebble stones, in order to suit the surroundings and property. The consultation can be performed on the site free of cost and without any obligation. After this consultation, the experts provide an estimated idea of the time and cost required to complete the task to the customer.

The cost required for the pebble dashing job

The cost levied for dashing is quite higher than that of the painting jobs, but is worth it as the pebble dash once done; need not to be done again. So the saving will stack up soon. The total cost is almost double of the normal paint done on the walls.

Materials used in dashing

The best quality materials are used for dashing pebble on the exterior walls that are sourced from the Irish suppliers. The mixture of cement is comprised of the blend of cement, white lime and white sand. Waterproof dyes are added to the mixture. The experts reach the site along with all the supplied materials that are required for the dashing project.

Preparation of the cementing

Preparation starts with laying the surrounding area by polythene tarpaulin. The supporting infrastructure is then erected to ensure smooth performance of dashing and cementing without any interruptions. The cement is then mixed with a cement mixer and finally the sparrow-pack is done which is done using an angle grinder to ensure total fixation of the cement.

Application of the cement and pebbles on the exterior walls

This process is accomplished by a team of experts having the combination of skill, knowledge, timing and the teamwork. The cement is applied smoothly to avoid patching or importunate stripping. After that the dashing is done with pebble stones within 15 minutes to make sure the stone sticks to the wall. The team working on the project should have a perfect synchrony and should follow one another in completing the task.


After completion of the pebble dash, the technician eradicate all scaffolding remove all the debris and scrap. After complete sweeping of the area, power-hoses are used to wash away every dust particles to restore the surrounding area of the building. All the clean-up process is accomplished on the same day of the completion of the task of dashing.


The dashing of the pebbles present on the walls protect the building's external wall from all possible extremes and is always appealing to the builders and architects craving for longer lasting appearances to prolong the life of the building. The benefits of exterior rendering are the aesthetic delight and visual pleasure; this helps to insulate the building and also adds value to it, protects from all extremes and most importantly long lasting and cost effective.

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