Sunday, February 21, 2016

Buying Designer Reading Glasses Does Not Have to Cost a Fortune

The purchase of reading eyeglasses can make people feel like they are between a rock and a hard place.

They can go the cheap route at their local corner store and pick up a $2.00 pair, but the frame might be a poor fit and feel like you could use them to sandpaper wood. The lenses and frames are of sub-par quality and may not be that great in the long run. That coupled with the fact that you probably won't have much of a choice and may end up with something that isn't exactly the height of good taste, may just compound the problems and make you feel incredibly self conscious.

The alternative is to visit an optometrist and end up being bewildered by the amount of options you have, and being charged a small fortune for the privilege. Even the simple task of picking a pair of frames you like can get completely out of hand, and they can vary wildly in price from $60-$500 depending on whether you want a brand name from a sports franchise like Adidas or a top fashion icon like Prada.

You then you have to contend with choosing what kind of lenses you want, which can be even more confusing. Lenses can come in a vast range of options. The choice of material can include polycarbonate, high index plastic, transitional lenses, and glass. Available coatings can include anti-reflective, UV protected, and even transition lenses, which gradually darken when in the glare of sunlight.

As you can imagine, you can walk into a place to buy a decent pair of reading eyeglasses and walk out again feeling like you've just put a down payment on a house!

This may be a necessary burden for the person who wears eyeglasses full time, but is this acceptable for someone who just wants a pair of quality reading eyeglasses that doesn't cost the earth?

The differences to note between regular prescription eyewear and reading glasses is that the for reading glasses, the lenses are the same on each eye. Prescription eyeglasses are essentially made-to-order and must be fit to the persons face and eyes.

Because reading glasses have such a low power and they are designed only for near vision, matching up the pupillary distance is not nearly as important. Also, because the lenses are a fairly low power the latest in lens technology is not all that applicable.

So surely there has got to be a better solution than these two extremes? Finally, there is! Some brainbox in the eyeglass design field has finally discovered that they can fulfill the wishes of the majority of people looking to purchase reading eyeglasses with a standard aspheric lens usually made from polycarbonate or other high quality lens material. This is because reading eyeglasses normally have the same correction for each eye and are always a low plus power.

That means now you can choose from a range of quality eyeglasses that do the job they are supposed to do, look good, and also offer fantastic value for money.

Suzanne Hughes is a style expert at where she helps thousands of people find reading glasses that suit their style without breaking the bank.
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